Issue 19 and Volume 1881 7.

RANDOM SPARKS Hartford, Conn., has a new Fire bell. It is five feet six inches high and weighs 8190 pounds. The Vicksburg, Miss., Firemen will parade May 10. Many visitors from abroad will participate. April was the lightest month for fires that Chicago has seen for many years. It is making up for October, 1871. The Rev. C. A. Landy was formerly Chief Engineer of the Elmira, N. Y., Fire Department, and he was a good one, too. J. A. Taggart has been elected to represent the United Firemen’s Association, of Buffalo, at the next meeting of the State Association, a Amsterdam. A better choice could not have been made. The ball of the Breckenridge, Col., Fire Department, Thursday evening, April 28, was the greatest event of the season. The new fire bell has been received, and it is now ready to sound the loud alarm whenever the fiend tries…

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