Issue 19 and Volume 1881 7.

CITY & VICINITY NEW YORK FIRE DEPARTMENT. NOTES OF MEN AND THINGS. John Norman has been awarded a contract for supplying certain feed and hay for $6090. At the latest report there were twenty-six sick and injured Firemen on the list of the medical officer. Proposals will be received until May 11 for the building of Houses for Engine Companies Nos. 21 and 27. Assistant Engineer Denton E. Hemsworth, of Engine 35, was buried May 1. A detail from the Department attended the funeral. Of the appropriation ot 1880 tor the payment of salaries there remains $760,681, and of the appropriation for apparatus, supplies, etc., $145,906. Fireman John Burke, of Engine 35, will be more careful in the future. He lost his patrol badge, and at the ” suggestion ” of the Board of Commissioners left two dollars with the Secretary for a new one.

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