Issue 23 and Volume 1881 7.

MINOR TOPICS Marietta, Ga., has a new Steamer named the Aurora. It is a Silsby. The Akron Rubber Works report sales of White Anchor Hose to Bay City, Mich., and Red Oak, Ia. A. Bruegger has renewed his contract with the Akron Rubber Works, as General Western Agent, and will be glad to receive orders from all his old friends. Marlboro, Mass., this time. That is, Marlboro has ordered one of the Bangor Extension Ladders for the Fire Department. General Smith must have made a lucky strike when he invented that Ladder, for it seems as though hundreds and hundreds are now in practical use, and we presume they have not been sold at cost either, but that he has, and is, making a good profit on them, as he richly deserves. Your mind will grow strong and great not by what you reject, but by what you cordially accept…

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