The Fireman’s Journal,

Issue 23 and Volume 1881 7.

The Fireman’s Journal, No. 16 DEY STREET, NEW YORK. OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF FIRE ENGINEERS: The Firemen s Association of the State of New York; The Illinois State Firemen’s Association ; The Michigan State Firemen’s Association : The Northwestern Ohio Volunteer Firemen’s Association; The Texas State Firemen’s Association ; The Iowa Firemen’s Association; The Minnesota State Firemen s Association; The Pennslyvania State Firemen’s Association; The Massachusetts State Firemen’s Association. CLIFFOKD T IT O M S O , Editor. THE JOURNAL will be published every Saturday, and its aim wili DC to give all important news relating to. or of interest to, members of Fire Departments in all sections. Correspondence in Fire matters is respectfully solicited. All communications must be accompanied by the name of the writer, not for publication, but for the satisfaction of the editor. All correspondence held in confidence. Terms @2 per annum, payable in…

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