Issue 23 and Volume 1881 7.

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION TOPICS. CINCINNATI, O., May 31. The Committee on Topics having made their report, the following is a copy, with committees assigned to each. The first named on each will be constituted Chairman: TOPIC NO. I.—“The Importance of having spare Apparatus, Hose, etc., on hand at all times ready for an Emergency.” James Battle, Detroit, Mich.; J. B. Carrier, Norwich, Conn.; George C. Fager, Harrisburg, Pa.; C. W. Breed, Malone, N. Y.; C. Crook, Newton, N. J.; W. S. Bird, Tarrytown, N. Y. This topic was continued from last Convention. TOPIC NO. 2.—“What Relation does Electricity sustain to Quick Combustion?” John A. Bennett, Cleveland, O.; Thomas B. French, Buffalo, N. Y.; Law L. Gibson, Rochester, N. Y.; J. G. Kurtz, Milton, Pa.; H. Holland, Amherst, Mass.; W. B. Thomas, London, Conn. TOPIC NO. 3.—“Cana Fire Department, Paid or Volunteer, be efficient without the aid of a Fire Alarm Telegraph…

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