Issue 23 and Volume 1881 7.

INTERESTING EXPERIMENTS. On Thursday of last week, a series of experiments was made under direction of the Fire Commissioners to ascertain what can be done in the way of obtaining large streams for fire purposes. Mr. Andrew J. Morse, of Boston, came over to exhibit his Monitor Nozzle, and for the purpose of testing it the Fire Boat Havemeyer was ordered to the dock at the foot of Seventeenth street, where there is every facility for making tests of apparatus. Recently the Commissioners have had 3 1/4-inch outlets made to the pumps of the Fire Boat, and have also equipped her with 600 feet of 3-1/4 inch hose, in obedience to the demand for large streams, regarding which THE JOURNAL has had so much to say during the past two years. This large hose had never been tested, so the trial of the Monitor Nozzle WMS made the occasion for…

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