Issue 25 and Volume 1881 7.

RANDOM SPARKS The Fire Marshal of Chicago is required to give a bond of $25,000. He has full control of the Department. The Fire Alarm Telegraph wires at Salem, Mass., are also used for conveying the electricity for electric lights, so it is said. Ottawa, Can., will doubtless celebrate Dominion Day by witnessing a series of Hose Races between the crack Companies of that vicinity. The father of John Curran, Superintendent of the San Francisco Fire Alarm Telegraph, was a victim of the Victoria disaster at London, Ont. Two of the new Chicago Engines are to lie of extra size, like the one furnished sometime ago, while the others are to be first-class Engines of regular size. The ringing of marriage bells in a Connecticut town the other morning brought out the Fire Companies. The ame was not interfered with, however. An Augusta, Ga., Hose Company recently named itself after…

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