Issue 3 and Volume 1881 8.

HOW SARAH WAS SURPRISED. One of Sarah Bernhardt’s most marked peculiarities is the manner in which she is constantly experimenting with and studying her art. One night, at Mobile, the hotel servant who responded to her bell was astonished to behold the star start suddenly as he opened the door, turn pale, clutch a chair for support, and whisper hoarsely; “Great heaven! It is he!l Quick! Conceal yourselves in this cabinet!” followed by the hasty closing of a closet door. He reported the incident at the office, and the proprietor at once proceeded to enforce the proprieties. As the landlord entered the suspected apartment the star tripped smilingly towards him with the naive, fresh, girlish affection of a 16-year old daughter. “ Be seated, dear father,” she said. “You must, i deed, be fatigued by your long walk from Rouen ! ” “W-h-a-t?” stammered the hotel-keeper. The actress instantly changed…

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