Issue 6 and Volume 1881 8.

CITY & VICINITY. Dr. Ives, chief medical officer of the Fire Department, in his last report, said there were on his list the names of only eleven sick and injured officers and men. The list becomes smaller and smaller. There are bright men at the head of some of our insurance companies. A local company of the old fogy sort had insured a mercantile risk for twenty-one years and declined a further renewal, because the president had a “superstition” that it would burn after twenty-one years. It is pretty hard to reply to such a reason, socalled, but the agent suggested to the secretary that the city insane asylum probably contained wiser men than his worthy president. The regular weekly meeting of the Board of Fire Commissioners was taken up mostly with the trials of two alleged delinquents. Private C. O’Shaughnessy, of Hook and Ladder Company No. i, was charged…

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