Issue 6 and Volume 1881 8.

FAULTS IN BOILER CONSTRUCTION. MISCELLANY. A fatal explosion in Philadelphia a few days ago has brought to notice the fact that seven or eight hundred steam boilers are now in use in that cily which have heads of cast-iron. The one in question was of this kind, but had been inspected and certified by the agent of the Hartford Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company, which, however, did not prevent its giving way suddenly and killing three persons; and the coroner’s jury, after a long investigation, condemned entirely the use of casf-iron in any boiler, and called upon the authorities to take steps for p-ohibiting it. In this their judgment is confirmed by the opinion of one of the engineers of the Hartford Inspection Company itself, who testified that although he was obliged to pass boilers with cast heads, since a refusal to do so would condemn a very large number…

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