Issue 9 and Volume 1881 8.

HOW IT IS DONE IN LONDON. MISCELLANY The second letter of the correspondent of the Chicago Times, Mr. Wilkie, on the Fire Department of London, is as follows: I closed my last letter just as a small electric gong announced an alarm of fire, or, as Hotson termed it, a call. Knowing the perfection attained by the Fire-alarm Telegraph Corps at home, I was somewhat curious to see the means employed by the Englishmen in receiving an alarm. Accordingly, I made my way to an adjoining room, where I found a small group of men surrounding an instrument in the corner. Here I saw five plates of brass arranged in a circle and so placed that each could be touched by a brass arm or indicator, pivoted in the centre of the circle, and moving like the minute hand of a clock. The small gong ringing the alarm was just…

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