Issue 11 and Volume 1881 8.

TOPICS OF THE DAY. SINCE London has had its experimental electric fire alarm in operation, a period of a few months only, there have been forty calls for fires and fourteen false alarms, all of the latter having their origin in the ignorance or cussedness of the people. The proportion of false to actual alarms has been very great, but a gradual improvement is reported. The police have arrested two persons for interfering with the alarm. One man was fined $25 for giving a false alarm, and only a few days ago a printer, who was probably drunk, was mulcted $10 for smashing a box. However, there is hope that the world’s metropolis will yet become civilized. FEW inventions have been more useful or profitable than Goodyear’s process of vulcanizing rubber. The uses of rubber are now innumerable, but it was only after many years of patient research that the…

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