Issue 11 and Volume 1881 8.

CITY & VICINITY. NEW YORK DEPARTMENT. NOTES OF MEN AND THINGS. Assistant Engineer Peter J. McLarney, of Engine Company No. 24, has resigned. The Supreme Court ordered the removal of a small building at No. 90 Gansevoort street. The occupants wouldn’t remove, so a detail of Firemen Was made at the request of the Superintendent of Buildings, and the building was demolished in short order. During the first six months of 1881 fire insurance companies received for premiums in New Yoik City $2 856,686. $1,530,497 of this amount was taken in by 131 companies of the United Slates and the rem tinder, $1,326,189, by the 23 foreign companies allowed to do business in New York. The Liverpool and London and Globe dees the largest city business of all the companies and the German-American runs ahead of the o her American companies. Captain Wm. H. Jahne, of the Central Fire Patrol,…

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