Issue 11 and Volume 1881 8.

A NEW NOZZLE. THE JOURNAL has had much to say of late regarding new forms of nozzles and appliances for obtaining better streams for fire service. It gives us pleasure at all times to notice anything new in the way of apparatus, and our columns are open to present the claims of inventors. Herewith we give illustrations of a new nozzle invented by J. E. Prunty, who is also the inventor of a well-known relief valve. The nozzle here illustrated combines a solid stream, a shut-off and a spray. Figure 1 shows the nozzle delivering a solid stream, the shut-off being open ; Figure 2 shows the nozzle delivering both a solid stream and a heavy spray, the shut-off being open ; Figure 3 shows the solid stream*shut-off, and the spray outlet delivering a mass of water in a circle. In this way it is used as a roof or…

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