Issue 12 and Volume 1881 8.

RANDOM SPARKS Nothing will surprise us after this. Philadelphia is going to fix up its Fire alarm. The New Jersey State Firemen’s Association meets at Burlington, September 28. The indications point to a very successful meeting. The deficiency in the water supply at the stock yards, Chicago, has not been remedied. We hope the insurance men will keep at the packers until something is done. The members of New Peoria Hand Engine Company, of Peoria, Ill., have challenged the Phoenix Hand Engine Company, of Quincy, to a contest for $500 or $1,000. Torrent Engine Company No. x, of Marlboro, Mass., will attend the grand Firemen’s muster, at Framingham, September 20, and expect to take home first prize. We’ll see. The Coldwater Republican says Ex-Chief Mason, of Battle Creek, was the prettiest of the gang. Such impudence! and two representatives of THE FIREMAN’S JOURNAL in town. On September 6th, Hiram Holmes…

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