Issue 12 and Volume 1881 8.

A SEA OF FLAME. “A little fire is quickly trodden out; Which, being suffer’d, rivers cannot quench.” Although Shakespeare was probably never a Fireman, it appears from the lines quoted that he thoroughly understood that fire was not a thing that could be temporized with. The truth of his observation can be best appreciated when it is applied to a fire in a forest. Firemen are frequently called upon to quench fires in woods, and only those who have tried it know how difficult it is to accomplish their object. If the woods be dry and the ground covered with leaves it is almost impossible to made any headway against such a fire. The insidious flames creep along till they reach a particularly favorable spot, when the puny stream from a Fire Engine is impotent in the endeavor to stay their progress. A correspondent recently told in THE JOURNAL how…

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