Issue 13 and Volume 1881 8.

THE PARISIAN STYLE. I had just seated myself comfortably, put on my slippers, and lighted a cigar, after a hard day’s work at sight-seeing, says a correspondent, when I was aroused by frantic shrieks from the rear part of the house, and, on rushing out to discover the cause, found the back buildings and court-yard enveloped in a dense cloud of smoke. I soon discovered that the coach-houses and stables next door were on fire. The hay and straw were blazing fiercely, w hich added to the terror and panic of the inhabitants of adjoining buildings. Having often heard of the dilatory manner of the Parisian Firemen in extinguishing fires, the first thought was to pack our belongings and then calmly await events. The first alarm was about 8 o’clock— the night was fine and clear with little wind—and in about thirty minutes a few “ pompiers,” or Firemen, arrived…

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