Issue 15 and Volume 1881 8.

INCENDIARY CLOCKWORK. Recently the residence of Dr. Bowen, at Scituate, R. I., was destroyed by fire, together with its contents. Before the fire was extinguished the doctor’s stable was found to be on fire, and an examination showed that fire had been communicated by means of clockwork. It is supposed the house was filed in the same manner. Dr. Bowen has been active in s_____c_____ring the enforcement of the liquor law, and the fires are believed to have been instigated by revenge. The following is a description of the mechanism of this new incendiary:” It consists of half a flour barrel, across the top of which is a stout piece of chestnut planking. In the centre is a wood n d sc revolving on a pivot. A nail is driven in one end of the crosspiece and ano her in the wooden disc. To these naiisa stout piece of elastic…

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