Issue 15 and Volume 1881 8.

TRAINING A HORSE FOR THE FIRE SERVICE. MISCELLANY “G’lang! Wh-r-r-r-r! Git up! Push him along! Now, all together!” These and sundry other observations, exclamations, maledictions, and general excitement attracted the attention of a New York reporter passing the House of Fire Engine 33 recently. One of the horses seemed refractory, and it required the united efforts of the Company to get him started. He was a roan horse, in sound condition, but a little light in the legs and narrow in the chest for a Fire Department horse. When he was finally started*he w ent along very well, but he had caused a delay of several seconds, and the Firemen looked vexed, for No. 33 has the reputation of being prompt at the tap of the bell, and never beaten at a fire where it is the first Engine due. In view of the reputation of Fire Department horses for…

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