Issue 15 and Volume 1881 8.

FIRES IN PRUSSIA. By direction of the Chamber of Deputies in 1880, the Minister of the Interior, of Prussia, caused statistics of fires to be prepared, much more exact than any previously made. The reults for the last quarter of the year 1880 are as follows: During those three months, 2054 communes of Prussia had only 3109 fires, of which 1035 occurred in October, 1107 in November, and 967 in December. In 1844 cases the causes were unknown being about 60 per cent of the whole. There were 245 cases of incendiarism, 722 from carelessness, 123 from use of matches, and of 24 the cause was lightning. Of the buildings damaged or destroyed, 1144 were of stone, 2222 of wood and stone mixed, 698 of wood, and 128 of other materials. There were 1113buildings taking fire from adjoining buildings, 4222 buildings being attacked, w.ih 3109 fires, of which buildings 1583…

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