Issue 21 and Volume 1881 8.

TOPICS OF THE DAY MINNEAPOLIS will spend two hundred thousand dollars in extending its present water system. The necessity of improvement in the water supply has been felt for some time. Various plans were proposed, one changing from direct to gravity pressure and moving the pumping works farther up the river, but the cost would be very great. It is generally conceded that the authorities have acted wisely in retaining indirect pressure syststem. The pumping will be done in future as here tofore, by water power, and at one-fourth the cost per million gallons than any other city pays for the same service. IT is urged as an objection to introducing salt water into our seaboard cities for fire protection, that the salt soon corrodes the pipes and renders them useless. This is true of iron pipes, but pipes are now made of a composition resembling bronze that do not…

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