Issue 21 and Volume 1881 8.

MONOR TOPICS The La France Fire Engine Company is busily engaged in making and selling Steamers. Trade is brisk. “The gods help those who help themselves,” and Nature invariably helps those who take Warner’s Safe Kidney and Liver Cure. Chief Swenie, of Chicago, Ill., continues to consider the Bangor (Me.) Extension Ladder the best; as now, after using several of them in his Department for a long time, he has just ordered another one seventy feet long ; also, from the same company, a forty-five foot single Fire Ladder. A committee of the town council of York, Pa., has concluded a contract with the B. Bosch, agent for the Silsby Manufacturing Company, of Seneca Falls, N. Y., for a *’ fourth size crane neck Steam Fire Engine ” to be delivered by February 1, 1882, the borough to pay freight and charge of transportation. Superintendent B. B. Bullwinkle, of the…

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