Issue 21 and Volume 1881 8.

MISCELLANY LIVELY HOSE. No inanimate object has such an appearance of life than a hose when it is stocked with more water than it can carry. Attach a hose to a hydrant and screw up the other end with the truss cap. Here you have a hose, inert and unostentatious, and the crowd gathers around and begins to dispute whether it is canvascovered, or the carboiized rubber variety. The hose itself takes no part in the discussion, but lies dormant. Presently a man comes along and gives the hydrant a twist. Instantly the hose becomes endowed with life, assumes an individually, puts on a sort ot personality, and begins to take an interest in the discussion. A tremor runs under its skin, and it lifts its brass head and turns it toward the man who made the last observation as if to catch the full meaning of his remark. This…

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