Issue 22 and Volume 1881 8.

TOPICS OF THE DAY. MEN are held to greater accountability for their acts in Germany than in this country. What is here held to be an unavoidable accident is there often regarded as criminal negligence, as the following incident shows. A railroad employee was charged in a Berlin Police Court with incendiarism. He was lighting the lamps in the station when a locomotive came up which he had to avoid. In doing so, however, he came too near a wagon loaded with hay, which took fire from the flame of his lighter. T he sentence was that he should pay a fine or serve a term in jail. In this free country a man can shoot his mot{ier-in-law, and escape by saying that he thought it ” wasn’t loaded.” THE clear account given of the origin of the fire that burned the steamer Solway, off Kingston harbor, with loss of…

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