Issue 2 and Volume 9.

RANDOM SPARKS Hot drinks never make cool Firemen. When Firemen meet Firemen then comes a flow of soul. A great many better things can be said of Firemen than of higher men. Selfishness is not always detrimental to a Fire Department—a self propellor for instance. Live competition has demonstrated the tact that no particular Fire Engine builder can monopolize the trade. Firemen who lobby in political caucuses and with politicians should not complain when they are remembered by the ins whom they actively endeavored to keep out. To keep politics from Fire Departments the men should be clean banded themselves. The thirty-eighth annual ball of Housatonic Engine Company, of Pittsfield, Mass., will be held on Thursday evening, January 19. The Waterloo, la., fire boys have been exercising themselves lately, but the trouble is that they are so active that fires usually don’t burn long. Harry Howard, frequently alluded to as…

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