Issue 6 and Volume 9.

A FLIGHT OF FANCY. The editor of a New England journal delivers himself of the following peroration: There is no class of citizens in this free republic who are more deserving of the reward of heroism than the “brave boys” who risk life to protect the property and lives of the people, when the dread “fire fiend” threatens to lay the fair city in ashes, and leave devastation and woe in his track. The boast of heraldry, the the pomp of power, the skill to make canvass speak or marble breathe; or even the mad ambition that would climb to fame o_____er the slopes where the trampled lie, and the red rain drops thick and fast from many a throbbing heart, have no claims upon the public sympathy that equal those of the city firemen, whose reward is less, but their services greater. After all, the glory of the warrior…

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