Issue 6 and Volume 9.

SOME RECENT ACCIDENTS BY FIRE. MISCELLANY An old man in Chicago was suffocated by smoke, fire breaking out in his house. He was too weak to escape. A Frenchman named Posey, living with an Indian wife in Minnesota, and his two children were burned to death in his house. The wife was absent. The Bucharest circus has been destroyed by fire. The flames spread so rapidly that it was with the utmost difficulty that any who were in the establishment when the fire broke out could escape, and, when it was under full control, the discovery was made that many men and horses had been burned. Intense excitement prevailed during the confl rgrati^n, the horrors of which wer$ added to by the fearful struggling and howling of the bests in the menagerie opposite to the circus inclosure. Many of the beasts were terribly scorched by the heat and made desperate…

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