Issue 7 and Volume 9.

MINOR TOPICS Saratoga Springs, N. Y., realizing the necessity of long ladders, has ordered one of the 65 ft. Bangor Extensions. A new literary paper called the Oriental Casket has been established in Philadelphia by the enterprising publisher of the Agent’s Herald, L. Lum Smith. It is very readable and entertaining. The Gamewell Fire Alarm Telegraph Company have removed their New York office to No. 1 1/2 Baiclay street, where they have a large store on the first floor, which they intend to fit up so as to show to advantage and in working over their various electrical inventions. The rew quarters are a great improvement on the old, and a visit to them will prove interesting to every Fireman. Large sales are reported of recent numlers of The Century. Every nun her since October has run out cf print, and new editions of several have been prin’ed. The ave:age…

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