Issue 7 and Volume 9.

ANSWERS TO INQUIRERS C. P. M.—The evil you speak of is probably not imaginary, but we fail to perceive how you are going to remedy the matter without reorganizing the whole force. PERSEVERANCE, Eatontown, N. Y.—The builders of your Steamer can probably answer your first question salisfactorily. Assuming your statement to te perfectly correct, we suggest that the conductor be not less than six inches in diameter. W. K., Secretary.—We have in preparation and shall publish in the course of a few weeks a Drill Book which will fill every requirement of Fire Companies. It is being compiled by a person thoroughly competent to do the woik, an old army officer and Fireman of long experience. We have reason to believe that there is need of just such a book, and the price at which it will be soli should secure for it a wide-spread circulation.

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