Issue 10 and Volume 9.

A SURPRISED CONFIDENCE MAN. MISCELLANY. “ Can you tell me where Chatham street is? ” asked a handsomely-dressed young man of a reporter who was standing at the head of Chatham Square. ” I promised to meet a friend in the—saloon, which he said was on Chatham street. But I am a stronger in the city and have lost my way. “ The reporter was waiting for a Celestial guide, He Jee by name, who had promised to make a tour of the Chinese quarters with him. He therefore felt justified in saying; “ I think that is Chatham street over there. I am a stranger too, but I came up that street from my hotel and I was told it was Chatham.” “ Thank you very nucli,” said the nice young man. “What a disagreeable night it is; won’t you have a drink with me?” The reporter acquiesced, and…

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