Issue 10 and Volume 9.

THEIR OCCUPATION GONE. When the Paid Department was organized, of course the occupation of the Volunteer Fireman was gone. The new Department was composed of an entirely different class. The latter were quiet, orderly and faithful men, who went about their labors in a workmanlike manner, because they were paid for so doing. The people also realized the fact that the days of tumult and disorder, which were becoming more dreadful, were at an end. Many members of the new Department were aged. Few young men at that time could be induced to join the Department out of genuine fear of eliciting the enmity of the old members. They reveled in the excitement attendant upon an alarm and the chances of a fight, and when the Department was stripped of these, its charm was gone. They used to respond, however, to eveiy alarm and witness with apparent pleasure the effort…

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