Issue 10 and Volume 9.

REPORTS OF THE PAST YEAR. London, England.—The report of the chief officer of the Fire Brigade for 1881 has been issued, from which it appears that the number of calls for fires, or supposed fires received during the year was 2376. Of these 240 were false alarms, 145 proved to be only chimney alarms, and 1991 were calls for fires, of which 157 resulted in serious damage and 1824 in slight damage. The fires of 1881 compared with those of 1880 show an increase of 120, and compared with the average of the last ten years an increase of 351. The number of fires in the metropolis in which life was seriously endangered was 107, and the number in which life was lost 29. The number of persons seriously endangered by fire was 154, of whom 114 were saved, and 40 lost their lives. The number of journeys made by…

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