Issue 10 and Volume 9.

TWO MILES IN A RED WAGON. A Sun reporter, in a silk hat, seated beside a Fireman in a red fire wagon, and holding on to the iron rail behind him, while the horses dashed furiously along, was the spectacle that astonished the people in lower Eighth avenue on Friday. The Fireman was Chief of a battalion, and the wagon was one of those familiar bright red vehicles that the Chiefs ride to fires in. The reporter, a minute before he presented this spectacle, was in the Chief’s room in a Fire Engine House, talking to the Chief. Their chairs were tilted backward, and both men were smoking calmly, the reporter having no idea of being disturbed at his pleasant work of interviewing for half an hour at least. Suddnly the notes of a little gong, folowed by the clanging of a big gong, ascended from below. Instantly noises came…

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