Issue 11 and Volume 9.

MISCELLANY. A MOCK PARADE. The project was advanced of limiting each company to thirty members, and paying each man $30 a year for his services. A paid department! This project created the wildest excitement. From the parties who ran with the machine this scheme was hailed with undisguised expressions of supreme contempt. It formed the one ail-absorbing topic of conversation, and all, from the street gamin to the oldest fireman frankly and earnestly stated their views. The Common Council met and referred the question to the Engine Committee. After much consideration it was adopted. The announcement fell like a thunderbolt from a clear sky, and as the boys of the present say, “paralyzed” the firemen. This was in 1849. Ot all the companies No. 9 alone resolved to give public expression to their heartfelt grief. To the rear of the engine was attached a large tree and firmly fastened thereto…

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