Issue 21 and Volume 9.

A FIRE DOG’S MONUMENT. MISCELLANY. It is altogether creditable to a man to be kind, not only to fellow-men but to the animals and dumb brutes under his charge. James Judkins, the head of the Ottumwa Fire Department, is one of the most benevolent men. His horse is the best kept in the town and his dogs receive his especial care. He now has as his constant companion an old dog who will soon be of age. He is hairless, worthless, lame, and as blind as a bat. To him Jim sings a stanzas from ” Old Black Jo ” every day, and is preparing to hear the old fellow yelp ” I’m coming,” for the last time. He had another dog named “Josie,” who became so accustomed to the fire bell that whenever an alarm was rung “Josie” would mount the seat and stay with the driver until the…

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