Issue 23 and Volume 9.

MISCELLANY AN EXAMPLE WHICH SHOULD BE INFECTIOUS. An admirable system of fire protection is in force at the Eastern freight depot of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, on Delaware avenue and Walnut street, Philadelphia. An exhibition of its efficiency was given the other day. In a second after the alarm had been sounded, every truck was dropped, no matter where it was, every man in the vast building was rushing to the spot designated by the signal, and in a moment the widely scattered laborers were gathered in little squads, officered and properly placed. 4n another moment the gates were closed, all the horses and teams near the building driven off by the gatekeepers out of the supposed danger of fire, and within a fraction of three minutes numerous streams of water, were pouring through the entire place. A single stroke of the gong was the signal for dismissal, and in…

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