Issue 2 and Volume 10.

FIREPROOF BUILDINGS. The following opinion, the result of long and wide experience, has been expressed by Superintendent Tozer, of the Manchester (Eng.) Fire Brigade : I think whenever iron is used either for doors, props, or supports of any kind it should be protected from the heat by being thickly covered with timber or some material that will prevent the flame from acting directly upon it. Iron doors could be prevented from twisting or bending by being covered on both sides with timber (willow or oak boards), not paneled, beaded, or moulded, but laid diagonally upon the iron plate, then thoroughly well riveted to the timber on the other side ; the iron door or plate would then be in the centre of what 1 may call a wood door, and should the fire or flame be acting on one side it would be sometime before it would get to…

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