Issue 2 and Volume 10.

TOPICS OF THE DAY. THE Cincinnati Exposition Commissioners have designated September 15 as “Firemen’s Day,” when all exhibits relating to the Fire Service will be tested. The expositions annually given at Cincinnati are famed over all the West and South, and they are attended by thousands of persons. It is expected that numerous entries will be made by manufacturers of engines, hose, etc., and gold medals will be given to exhibitors whose articles are regarded as worthy of such honor. Henry A. Hills, Secretary of the National Association, has been asked to aid the Exposition Commissioners in arranging a proper programme. Now that a report has been made of the number of steam boilers that exploded last year, a good many persons are disappointed because there were not more. Boilers are used everywhere, in private houses, factories, stores, office buildings, under sidewalks over which thousands of persons pass in a…

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