Issue 6 and Volume 10.

A FIRE-PROOF MARYLANDER. A letter from Preston, Caroline County, Md., gives a marvelous account of a stalwart African known as Nathan Coker, who has lived all his life in the lower part of I unkahoe Neck. He is now between sixty and seventy years of age, and has no knowledge of books—cannot even repeat the alphabet—but is much above mediocrity in point of general intelligence and good, hard, corn-field common sense, as compared with his race. When quite young he conceived the idea of becoming fire-proof, and before he was twenty-five he was a veritable fire-king. How he acquired the power to perform the feats of placing his hands and arms in a vessel of boiling water and keeping them there for ten minutes, licking a red-hot shovel, holding in his mouth molten lead, and even swallowing it, as well as many others more daring, without apparent injury, no one…

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