Issue 6 and Volume 10.

TOPICS OF THE DAY PITTSBURG is reported to be suffering from a water famine, as the engines at the new water-works are in a crippled condition, and the old works cannot cover more than one-third of the daily consumption. The Board of Underwriters are considering the advisability of increasing insurance rates. The pumps of several of the mills were attached to the mains Friday night of last week, and the police were arresting all persons wasting water. In case of a big fire the city will be literally at the mercy of the flames. AT several recent fires in New York the water tower has done magnificent service, clearing the way of smoke and flame so that Firemen could enter buildings that would have been unapproachable without it. Mr. Greenleaf, the patentee, has made some improvements since the first was built, and it is probable that one he is now…

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