Issue 6 and Volume 10.

CITY & VICINITY NEW YORK DEPARTMENT. THE HECKER MILLS FIRE. Meeker’s Croton Mills and several other buildings in Cherry, Water and Pike streets, were destroyed on Monday last by a fire which was remarkable on account of its rapid progress and its overpowering heat. A small puff of smoke from a seventh story window of the mills was noticed by persons in Water street at 11.15 A. M. Five minutes later smoke was pouring from every window on that floor. An alarm had been raised inside the mills by John Shower, a workman, who was on the seventh floor near the Water street windows. He saw flames burst out suddenly beneath a fanning machine for ch aning wheat. The building was supplied with means for extinguishing fires, and there was an arrangement on each floor by which an alarm could be sounded. Shower gave the required signal, four beats on…

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