Issue 11 and Volume 10.

FIRE INSURANCE PATROLS. That Fire Insurance Patrols should be incorporated in the Fire Departments of cities, and maintained from the same fund that the Firemen and apparatus are, is contended by all thoughtful, liberal minded men acquainted with fire matters. In the Spectator, New York, of September 7, appeared an article supporting views which have been held by THE JOURNAL—to wit, that the maintenance of Salvage Corps or Fire Insurance Patrols rightfully belongs to the public, and should enter into the organization of the Fire Departments in the various cities, thus adding to the efficiency of the fire service. In nearly all the large cities of this country (says the insurance journal referred to) the fire insurance companies maintain an Insurance Patrol or Salvage Corps—variously called in different cities—as auxiliary to the Fire Departments. Their equipment and maintenance are paid for by the insurance companies, those doing business in the…

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