Issue 16 and Volume 10.

WHAT THEY SAY [THE JOURNAL does not hold itself responsible for the ideas, opinions or prejudices expressed by its correspondents. Our policy is to give every one fair play, and our desire is to place on record the experience of practical Firemen in the management of fires, fire apparatusand all that pertains to the Fire Service. To this end, we permit the greatest latitude of expression to correspondents, simply requiring them to avoid personalities, and expecting them to state facts.] BOSTON, MASS. BOSTON, October 10.—Our Department has had a comparatively easy time of it for the past few weeks. There has been quite a falling off in the number of alarms, while there has not been a really serious fire for some time. Much of this exemption from disaster is due to the efficiency of our Department. The early appearance of the apparatus when an alarm is sent in, nine…

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