Issue 16 and Volume 10.

ABOUT FIRE APPARATUS ROCHESTER, N. Y., September 29.—In THE FIREMAN’S JOURNAL of September 2d, the statement was made that Seneca Falls was better represented than any other city in the State. That the statement of THE JOURNAL must be taken with a few grains of salt is evident to all who visited the exhibition building and witnessed the parade. The writer of the item in THE JOURNAL must have closed his eyes to the magnificent exhibition of Fire Apparatus made by S. M. Stewart, of Rochester. No one who saw the exhibit made by Mr. Stewart would agree with the statement in THE JOURNAL. The new hose cart for the Actives of this city, as well as the hook and ladder trucks, attest his skill. The apparatus furnished to the Rochester Fire Department, while it may not have been entirely covered with nickle plating, cannot be excelled in quality by…

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