Issue 16 and Volume 10.

CAPTAIN EYRE MASSEY SHAW, C. B. Captain Eyre Massey Shaw, C. B., chief officer of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade of London, has been here, has been shown the Departments in our principal cities and has condemned their organization, discipline and apparatus in every instance. Our Firemen are raw and undisciplined, our organization is imperfect from first to last, our engines, hose, nozzles and hook and ladder trucks are too large—in short we are at fault in everything and the only perfect Department in every respect is Captain Eyre Massey Shaw’s own Brigade in the English Metropolis. Permit me, as one who has spent nearly two years in London, with ample opportunities to inspect the English Brigade from a practical standpoint, to offer a few facts and opinions relating to Captain Shaw and his Brigade. Captain Shaw is probably the finest Brigade Chief in the world—in his own estimation, and a…

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