Issue 16 and Volume 10.

THE THEORY AND PRACTICE OF FIRE EXTINCTION. It is necessary to premise, at the outset of our remarks upon this very comprehensive subject, which includes, or may be made to include, everything vitally related to Fireman’s work, and, indeed, everything but casually so related, that what we here set down is intended for only a portion of our readers—namely, for amateurs in the art and practice of fire extinguishing—for those who have had no practical experience in the work; of whom there are many that will thank us for what we do. Here is no complacent attempt to instruct old veterans in the profession—the heroes of a hundred fights—who look, probably, upon all written instruction in fire-fighting as the old soldier who has been in the Peninsula and at Waterloo thinks and speaks of the studies at Sandhurst and the schools of military engineering. Our aim is humbler, but is…

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