Issue 17 and Volume 10.

MINOR TOPICS A new Silsby fifth-size steam fire engine was received a few days ago at Hempstead, L. I. The apparatus was satisfactorily tested amid the enthusiasm of the villagers, who turned out in crowds to see the new steamer. The trials are thus recorded in a local paper: At precisely 3.07 o’clock fire was started in the furnace, and in three minutes the gauge showed seven pounds of steam; in four minutes fifteen pounds and in six minutes and twenty-five seconds, with thirty pounds of steam, water was thrown from the nozzle. With a 1 1/8 inch nozzle a stream was throw n a distance of 220 feet, and with a smaller nozzle still further. After working for three-quarters of an hour at Lowden’s pond the steamer was taken to the hydrant at the corner of Grove and Greenwich streets, which is about nineteen feet deep. Water was here…

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