Issue 17 and Volume 10.

TOPICS OF THE DAY. THE English journals seem quite as curious to see what our papers say about Captain Shaw as we were to hear what he had to say about our Departments. They print all that was said about him here, apparently giving precedence to those paragraphs that were uncomplimentary to the Chief. Clearly, the Captain is not an universal favorite in his own city, proving the truth of the old adage “a prophet is without honor in his own country.” THE Boston Commissioners have issued an order to the effect that any member of the force proved guiliy of drunkenness shall be dismissed from the Department. This used to be the rule, but was relaxed for a time, in the hope that leniency would be beneficial; but the reverse proved to be the fact. Dismissal, prompt and sure, should be the punishment of every Fireman who gets drunk…

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