Issue 19 and Volume 10.

RANDOM SPARKS —The new water-works at Columbus, Ga., are now in operation. —An electric light wire above ground caused a $30,000 fire recently at St. Paul. —No bon-fires will be permitted to burn in Brooklyn on the evening of election day. —The new hose carriage of Active Hose Company No. 7 of Auburn was run for the first time on October 27. —The Athens, Ga., water-works are to be commenced on November 9, and to be completed within a year from that day. —Emerald Hose Company of Cortland, N. Y., has purchased from Fountain Hose Company of Binghampton its handsome parade carriage for $1200. —The San Francisco Chronicle attributes the popularity of a certain actress to her striped stockings, and refers to her engagement as ” Turning on the hose.” —The Auburn Hook and Ladder Company gave an elaborate ball last evening, according to announcement. Weunderstand that a torchlight parade…

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