Issue 21 and Volume 10.

AMERICAN AND LONDON FIRE EXTINGUISHMENT. In another column we print an article from the American Exchange and Review, an authoritative insurance paper published in Philadelphia, whose able editor has given much thought to the fire question for many years. He replies to a former article in THE JOURNAL relative to the different conditions existing in London and American cities as affecting the fire hazard and the work required of the London and American Firemen. We having remarked that the heavy fogs of Lon don tend to keep the buildings “wet down ” and to prevent the spread of fire, the Review says “ the aqueous state of its atmosphere did not prevent the burning of five-sixths of the London of 1666, nor the sweeping destructions of 1077 and 1086.” That is very true, nor did they have any fire apparatus in those times with which to cope with fires of…

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